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Visual Studio for Mac Full Crack is an evolution of Xamarin Studio, and includes all the functionality of Xamarin Studio 6.2.

Many changes have been made to the look-and-feel, terminology and default settings to to align more closely with Visual Studio, while remaining a Mac-centred development experience.

Visual Studio for Mac has everything you would expect from a modern IDE, including a full-featured source editor, code search and navigation, a powerful debugger, a customizable workspace, git integration, and a rich extension system.

Visual Studio for Mac provides an amazing experience for creating mobile apps, from integrated designers to the code editing experience to the packaging and publishing tools. It is complemented by:

  • The full power of the beloved-by-millions C# 7 programming language
  • Complete .NET APIs for Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS
  • The Xamarin.Forms API abstraction to maximize code sharing
  • Access to thousands of .NET libraries on to accelerate your mobile development
  • Highly optimized native code backed by the LLVM optimizing compiler

    New Features of Visual Studio for Mac:

  • NET Core Support
    .NET Core is a platform for creating applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac. Visual Studio for Mac has support for loading, creating, running and debugging .NET Core projects.
  • .NET Core support includes:
    • C# IntelliSense
    • .NET Core project templates for console, library and web applications
    • Full debugging support, including breakpoints, call stack, watch window, etc.
    • NuGet PackageReferences and MSBuild-based restore
  • Connected App Templates
    The new Connected App project templates offer a quick way to create a multi-platform mobile app and its cloud backend.

    These templates create multiple projects: a Xamarin.iOS app project and a Xamarin.Android app project that share code via a shared project, and a .NET Core Web API project that implements a back-end service for the apps.

  • Multi-Process Debugging
    In Xamarin Studio, projects have Project Run Configurations which specify options and arguments for running your project. A dropdown in the toolbar lets you view and change the current active Run Configuration.

    Visual Studio for Mac extends this by adding Solution Run Configurations which allow multiple projects to be launched at once. You can create solution run configurations in the Solution Options dialog.

    Using solution run configurations, you can debug multiple projects at once. This is very useful for debugging how a mobile app interacts with its backend service.

  • TextMate Bundles

    Visual Studio for Mac has support for TextMate language bundles, which you can use to add:

    Editor color themes
    Code snippets
    Grammars for new languages, enabling highlighting and basic IntelliSense
    You can add TextMate bundles in Preferences > Text Editor > Language Bundles.

    System Requirements: 

    apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
                            Languages: Multilingual

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