SoapUI NG Pro 5.3

SoapUI NG Pro 5.3 crack


SoapUI NG Pro 5.3 Full Crack is so much more than SOAP testing. Over time it has become a Swiss army knife for functional testing and has support for many tests areas. Generally speaking, the main feature sets of soapUI are Service Simulation, Functional Testing and Load Testing. soapUI also includes many features for increased Test Quality as well as support for multiple protocols and several standards. If you need it, the chances are high it’s in soapUI; if it’s not, please let us know. We love hearing what’s missing or wrong in soapUI. Remember, it’s your needs that drives the development of soapUI.

What’s New in SoapUI NG Pro 5.3:

Integrate your tests with SwaggerHub: SoapUI now has improved integration with SwaggerHub. You can import swagger definitions from SwaggerHub and create tests. Once you are done working on your tests and are ready to publish the API in the SwaggerHub registry, you can do so with just a few clicks from SoapUI.

Import your Postman collections: If you have been using Postman to check your API endpoints so far, you can bring your work over to SoapUI by importing your Postman collections. Now create rich API tests for functionality, performance and security. Create mocks for API not under your control. Expand the possibilities of integration of your REST API with other protocols like SOAP and JMS.
Enhanced OAuth support: We have improved OAuth and added OAuth 1 support. OAuth 2 support was already available in SoapUI.

Other than the above changes a number of bug corrections and minor improvements have been done in this new release, For example: Property Expansion now works in the SLA assertion.

Service Simulation features:

* Auto Create Simulations from Service Specification

* Create Simulation from Recording

* Static Content Mocking

* Custom Responses

* Scripting

* Security Standards Support

* SSL Support

* Simulation Coverage icon-pro

* Deploy on Server

* Reporting icon-pro Functional


Testing features:

* Test Multiple Protocols

* Standards Support

* Test Quality

* Drag and Drop Testing icon-pro

* Test From Recording

* Advanced Scripting icon-pro

* Data driven Testing icon-pro

* Reporting icon-pro

* Security Testing

* Browser Recording

* Manual TestStep Load


Testing features:

* Test Multiple Protocols

* Click and run LoadTests

* Preconfigured Load Strategies

* Load Test Metrics

* SLA Verification

* Performance Monitoring

* Real Time Statistics

* Reporting icon-pro

* Setup and TearDown TestSuites

* loadUI Integration

System Requirements: 

windows logo Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]
                        Languages: Multilingual

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SoapUI NG Pro 5.3 full crack