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Melodyne 4 Studio offers you the tried and tested Melodyne functions for the correction, shaping and arranging of audio on as many tracks as you want.

Indispensable in the Studio

Melodyne studio gives you all the functions that have made Melodyne one of the most valued tools in professional music production. Enthusiastic users, euphoric test reports and numerous awards all attest to the uniquely powerful, intuitive and musical editing possibilities of Melodyne studio. Whether it is used for the correction of errors or the creative refashioning of your audio material.

Perfect Vocals

Human hearing is particularly sensitive when it comes to vocal tracks, which is why producers all over the world are grateful that intonation and timing corrections with Melodyne studio are practically inaudible. Correct the notes quickly and easily with the help of a macro or drag them with the mouse to the correct pitch or position in time. Fine-tune their length, their volume or the intensity of their vibrato. They’ll sound as if they had always been that way.

From Solo to Ensemble

With Melodyne studio, you can see and edit not just one but as many tracks as you like. So you can create with extraordinary ease multi-voice arrangements from a source track with only one voice, taking advantage even of the possibility of outputting each individual voice via a separate channel in the mixer. You can quantize tracks using other tracks for reference and even copy pitches from one audio track to another. Melodyne studio offers the greatest possible degree of flexibility and creative freedom for your arrangements. Multi-tracking adds up to a lot more here than the sum of multiple tracks.

Any Workflow You Want

Melodyne studio gives you the choice: you can create entire audio arrangements in Melodyne studio or unite the program seamlessly via ReWire or the Melodyne Bridge plug-in with your preferred audio workstation. Regardless of which procedure you prefer, Melodyne studio offers you a whole array of functions that make working with audio faster and simpler

What’s New in Version Melodyne 4:

New functions and improvements

Multitrack Note Editing now also during ARA integration
In Melodyne studio 4.1’s Note Editor, you can now also with ARA integration display and edit as many DAW tracks simultaneously as you like.

ARA improvements for (vocal) comping in the DAW
Thanks to two new ARA modes, Melodyne’s power can be optimally focused on an individual clip or an entire track, thereby providing ideal support for typical DAW workflows such as (vocal) comping: ARA Clip Mode affords access to a single clip but also to notes on either side of the clip borders. ARA Track Mode, on the other hand, shows you all the clips on a DAW track, exactly as they are edited and arranged there.

New playback type for monophonic instruments
To enhance sound quality during the playback of soprano voices or very high-pitched melodic instruments (e.g. piccolos), the Algorithm Inspector now includes a new playback type: “Tonal (high)”.

The “Separate Notes as Trill” command
The Note Editor and Note Assignment Mode now feature Melodyne studio 3’s familiar “Separate Notes as Trill” command.

The “Replace Audio” command
The “Replace Audio” command allows you to save an audio file under its existing name without having to open the Export dialog.

Better keyboard shortcuts
Every sub-tool now has its own independent shortcut. A shortcut has also been added for the Time Grid, and Zoom commands assigned to the numerical keypad.

Contrast variations for the user interface
In the Preferences dialog, several new contrast options are available for the user interface.

HiDPI support under Windows
On suitable systems running Windows 8 or later, Melodyne now supports the high resolution screen. This applies to both the stand-alone implementation and the plug-in in Studio One. HiDPI support for further DAWs is planned.

Reduced memory requirements
Thanks to internal optimization, the memory requirements under Windows in particular of Melodyne 4.1 (stand-alone, plug-ins and ARA) have been reduced.

Auto Scroll options
When running Melodyne as a plug-in, you can now save separate Auto Scroll settings for each instance.

In addition to the iLok 2, Melodyne 4.1 now supports the new iLok 3.

macOS Sierra
Naturally, Melodyne 4.1 is also compatible with Apple’s latest operating system.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: under Windows 7, certain MP3 files when loaded causing Melodyne stand-alone to crash
  • Fixed: in Cubase, the setting “Always on Top” for the plug-in window sometimes leading to a crash
  • Fixed: various graphics problems in the plug-in
  • Fixed: entered or detected tonalities reset to C Major when saving
  • Fixed: MAR files from Melodyne studio 3 imported by Melodyne 4 with incorrect tempo information
  • Fixed: sundry other problems affecting the import of studio 3 files
  • Fixed: shift by a few samples of audio material after a later change of algorithm
  • Fixed: occasional misalignment of the Time Grid after tempo learning in the DAW
  • Fixed: unreliable transfer to the Melodyne plug-in of information regarding changes of time signature in Cubase’s Learn Tempo dialog

    System Requirements: 

    apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
    windows logo Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bi
     Languages: Multilingual

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