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New Features oF Glyphs 2.4:

Version 2.4 (939):

  • Added Variable Fonts to File > Export, with support for multiple axes and Brace layers (intermediate deltas)
  • Compatibility with macOS Sierra
  • Improved Plugin Manager: should work for everyone now
  • Reopen last closed tab (Cmd-Opt-Shift-W, or hold down Option key with Window menu)
  • Added tooltips to warning icons in Font view glyph cells
  • iOS GlyphsViewer now asks for permission to show preview
  • Smart filters work on active layers only now
  • Added ‘Has Anchors’ to smart filter options
  • Warn user about CFF subroutinization problems when glyphs with many nodes are in the font
  • Prevent automatic text replacements in code entry UI
  • Print dialog now remembers page orientation
  • Improved performance of instance preview with a lot of text
  • Improved performance and stability of .glyphsproject documents
  • Improved double clicking in Font view
  • Improved handling of non-printing glyphs
  • Improved drag-reordering of sidebar elements
  • Fixed arrow key behaviour in Font Info > Masters > Metrics
  • Fixed and improved Edit > Compare Fonts
  • Fixed behaviour of Font Info and Macro windows in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed export of name id 4
  • Fixed fullscreen display of toolbar in OS X 10.9
  • Fixed issue with upper plane Unicodes in application services
  • Many more small fixes and improvements
  • Improved stability and performance
  • Added ‘Close Open Paths’ to context menu: connects nearest open nodes
  • Properly set smoothness of nodes when adding or removing nodes
  • Opt-arrowing or Opt-dragging multiple off-curves now locks each point’s angle
  • Aligning an anchor will snap it to the background anchor of the same name
  • Grey preview letters for empty glyphs are now also visible in text mode
  • Show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component: now also works when Text tool is active
  • Select newly generated glyphs in Edit view
  • Glyph width is maintained after Edit > Clear
  • Transformation tools: origin now snaps to other objects
  • Improved performance of Round Corner filter
  • Layer duplicates do not carry the original layer name anymore
  • Edit > Select Sample Text now adds current string if selection was not moved before pressing OK
  • Improved stability and performance of clipboard operations
  • Fixed and improved Edit > Paste Special (including Undo)
  • Fixed glyph info for pasted glyphs
  • Fixed nudging (Ctrl-Opt dragging) with selected off-curve nodes
  • Fixed unresponsive Edit view after closing a tab
  • Fixed empty Edit view when Select All Layers tool is active
  • Fixed text reflow with spaces in Edit view
  • Fixed selection for Paste-Undo-Redo
  • Disable incremental metrics key (e.g., ‘+=10’) when there is an unaligned component
  • Kerning is now rounded to the grid
  • Update Metrics also works in the background layer
  • Custom kerning increments with defaults GSKerningIncrementLow and GSKerningIncrementHigh (no UI yet)
  • Custom spacing increments with defaults GSSpacingIncrementLow and GSSpacingIncrementHigh (no UI yet)
  • Improved preview of cursive attachment
  • Improved filtering in Window > Kerning
  • Improved precision of sidebearings
  • Improved vertical kerning
  • Show guide measurements for components
  • Glyph > Make Component Glyph now finds accents with multiple suffixes (e.g., ‘’)
  • Add Corner now works with more than one selected node
  • QuickLook now supports corner and smart components
  • Automatically switch alignment when corner component is flipped
  • Also allow ‘_smart’ as possible name prefix for smart glyphs
  • Transform Filter does not scale components if base glyph is scaled
  • Prefer ‘.narrow’ or ‘.i’ variants of accents on glyphs with ‘i’ base glyph (e.g., itildebelow)
  • Allow 12 parameters in smart glyphs
  • Cap components are now included when paths are copied to the background
  • Proper handling of smart components in Brace layers
  • Improved handling of unattached cap and corner components
  • Improved Glyph > Make Component Glyph
  • Improved Glyph > Update Metrics with Brace layers and corners/caps
  • Improved Component from Selection dialog, added input validation
  • Improved handling of components in color layers
  • Improved Brace layers for nested components
  • Improved handling of self-referencing components
  • Auto-update metrics when base glyph of components has changed
  • Fixed subcategory for precomposed glyphs
  • Fixed resizing of smart components with dragging the bounding box
  • Fixed preview of auto-aligned components
  • Fixed a serious bug with smart components
  • Fixed path direction of flipped components in Preview
  • Fixed issue with partially aligned components and metrics keys
  • Fixed position of shine-through anchors in nested components
  • Fixed recalculation of metrics on adding components
  • Fixed cap components on start node
  • Fixed size of caps and corners when UPM is scaled
Color Layers
  • New custom parameter ‘Color Layers to SVG’ parameter exports a COLR/CPAL or Color-Layer setup as SVG
  • New custom parameters: ‘Export COLR/sbix/SVG Table’ for control of color table generation
  • Render iColor layers in FontView
  • Reverted the rendering order of the color layer preview: now the first layer/master will be drawn last
  • Save image data opened from sbix fonts
OpenType Features
  • Use IgnoreMarks for Latin/Cyrillic/Greek kerning
  • Export mark feature code for all glyphs that have suitable anchors
  • Improved code for automatic smallcap features (including fallback to default for .loclXXX glyphs)
  • Added warning for invalid values in kern feature
  • Removed use of script tags in .case part of ccmp
  • Fixed generation of pcap feature
  • Fixed autogeneration of some OpenType feature (pres, kern)
  • Fixed some problems with Indic feature code
  • Remove alternate iMatras from pres feature code
  • Allow Width value in Bracket layers, syntax: [weight value,width value]
  • Bracket layers don’t need a name any more, only the bracket with numbers [XX, XX]
  • Edit > Show All Masters now includes Brace and Bracket layers
  • Added Local Interpolation custom parameter to interpolate some glyphs differently, syntax: weight;width;custom; include: glyphnames
  • Fixed interpolation of corner components
  • Fixed interpolation of smart components
  • Fixed preview of interpolated corner components
  • Fixed interpolation of Metrics Keys
  • Resolved an issue with extrapolation
  • Manual cropping of images by Cmd-Opt dragging a bounding box corner
  • You can now copy and paste images from Finder
  • Fixed cropped images
Languages and Glyph Data
  • Fixed and improved inter-script kerning
  • Improved feature code for accented Dutch IJ/ij
  • Added missing altName to jdotless
  • Fixed Georgian glyph info
  • Use last set writing direction in new tabs
  • Improved automatic Arabic/Farsi liga code
  • Improved preview of auto-aligned Arabic layers
  • Improve detection of glyph info in fonts with custom glyph names
  • Added Hebrew mark feature code
  • Support for handling Hebrew cantillation marks
  • Added Tifinagh to sidebar languages
  • Added Khmer script tag to mark features
  • Added default GSUB for ROS Adobe-Japan1-3
  • Fixed Unicode mappings to Adobe CMAPs (Corrected Japan1 CMAP)
  • Fixed export of CID font with glyphs that are not in the ROS
  • Fixed Japanese groups in sidebar
  • Many small additions to the GlyphData XML
User-Interface Languages
  • Added Turkish localization
  • Improved stability for Japanese and Finnish localizations
  • Fixed number key shortcuts (master switching, tab switching and Fit Curve) on French and Czech keyboards.
  • Updated Chinese localization
  • Updated Japanese localization (Thanks Toshi)
  • Updated Portuguese localization
  • Updated Spanish localization
  • Implemented Delta instructions
  • Added info for Delta instructions
  • Added TTFZones custom parameter
  • Added the keys next to Caps Lock as shortcuts for TT instructions: a=Add Anchor, s=Add Stem, d=Add Diagonal, f=Add Align, g=Add Interpolation
  • Several fixes and improvements in the TrueType tool
  • Improved rendering and export of TrueType instructions
  • Improved automatic TT stem selection
  • Fixed selection of first stem in TT tool
  • Fixed TT preview image size in 10.9
  • Fixed TT preview of active master
  • Use zopfli compression for WOFF
  • Fixed wrong warning about duplicate instances on webfont export
  • New custom parameter ‘Decompose Glyphs’ controls components affected by ‘Rename Glyphs’
  • New custom parameter ‘Disable autohinting for glyphs’ (works only for CFF)
  • Allow spaces in Value strings of Filter parameters
  • Changed behaviour of ‘Keep Glyphs’ parameter: now activates non-exporting glyphs when listed
  • Fixed export of ‘Name Table Entry’ and ‘copyright’ parameters
  • Store ‘Disable Last Change’ in ufo.lib
  • Fixed order of classes and prefix for UFO export
  • Fixed import of Unicodes from ufo
  • Fixed a small issue when importing ROS
  • Fixed AFM and PFM import
  • Fixed import of PFB files, including components
  • Fixed import of OpenType fonts
  • Fixed import of CFF fonts with flex hints
  • Fixed glyph names of imported OTF/TTF files
  • Fixed import of style name
  • Much improved AppleScript support
  • Allow setting font size for Macro window: Glyphs.intDefaults[“MacroCodeFontSize”] = 13
  • Added a few things to the Python wrapper (including MOUSEMOVED notification)
  • Some fixes for the Python wrapper (slicing, remove overlap, userdata, color and
  • Improved handling of exceptions in Python code
  • Tab.text() give more chars and less escaped names
  • decomposedCopy also decomposes corners/caps
  • Glyphs accepts files handled by plugins when they are dragged on the app icon
  • Workaround for NSBundle bug in Python plugins
  • Fixed headers in GlyphsCore.framework
  • Fixed GSGlyph.lastChange
  • Fixed __contains__ for font.glyphs and customParameter
  • Fixed export of fsType if set through a script
  • Fixed layer.getPen()
  • Fixed stuck Macro window

System Requirements: 

apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
                        Languages: Multilingual

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