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NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 Overview

NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 full crack

This audio editing software is a full featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac OS X. It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings. When editing audio files you can cut, copy and paste parts of recordings then add effects like echo, amplification and noise reduction. WavePad works as a wav or mp3 editor but it also supports a number of other file formats including vox, gsm, wma, real audio, au, aif, flac, ogg and more.

Features of NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 crack download.

NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 crack

Sound editing functions include cut, copy, paste, delete, insert, silence, autotrim and more
Audio effects include, amplify, normalize, equaliser, envelope, reverb, echo, reverse and many more
Integrated VST plugin support gives professionals access to thousands of additional tools and effects
Recommended Free VST Plugin Effects
Includes free sound effect and music library
Supports almost all audio and music file formats including mp3, wav, vox, gsm, wma, au, aif, flac, real audio, ogg, aac, m4a, mid, amr and many more
Batch processing allows you to apply effects and/or convert thousands of files as a single function
Tools include spectral analysis (FFT), speech synthesis (text-to-speech) and voice changer
Audio restoration features including noise reduction and click pop removal
Supports sample rates from 6 to 196kHz, stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24 or 32 bits
Includes its own CD ripper with ‘ultrafast’ rip mode and cddb music database lookup
Works directly with MixPad multi-track audio mixing, Zulu DJ software and Express Burn CD Recorder.
Easy to use interface will have you editing in minutesTypical Audio Editing Applications
Software audio editing for studios and professional journalists.
Edit sound files to broadcast over the internet with the BroadWave Streaming Audio Server
Normalizing the level of audio files during mastering before burning to CD.
Editing mp3 files for your iPod, PSP or other portable device.
As a music editor (includes ringtones creator formats).
Music editing and recording to produce mp3 files.
Voice editing for multimedia productions (use with our Video Editor).
Restoration of audio files including removing excess noise such as hiss and hums.

NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 licence key

System Requirements For NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7

Before you start NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 serial key download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.

       windows logo Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]
Languages: Multilingual

NCH WavePad Sound Editor Masters Edition 7 crack Download

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Toontrack Rock Drums MIDI 6 Pack Free Download

Toontrack Rock Drums MIDI 6 Pack free download

The Rockin’ Grooves You Need for Your EZdrummer Rig!

Need some inspiration to amp up your creativity and drive your next rock song? At Sweetwater, we really love Toontrack EZdrummer products, and we’re happy to recommend the Rock Drums MIDI 6 Pack to anyone in need of great rock grooves. This pack includes more than 2,400 individual MIDI grooves and fills performed by world-class session drummers. You’ll find beats perfect for all kinds of styles within the larger genre of rock, plus straight and swung rhythms in a variety of time signatures. Whether you’re righting a thunderous rock anthem or a soulful ballad, the MIDI beats you need are here in Toontrack’s Rock Drums MIDI 6 Pack.

Toontrack Rock Drums MIDI 6 Pack for EZdrummer Features:

  • A 6-pack of rock MIDI performance expansion packs for EZdrummer and EZdrummer 2
  • Titles include: Rock Solid, Rock Songs, Basic Rock, Basic Rock 2, Rock!, Basic Rock Fills
  • Comes with more than 2,400 grooves or fills individually played by top session drummers
  • Comprehensive content covers a wide range of rock music styles and tempos
  • Straight and/or swing time grooves in various time signatures included


Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Bundle with 2 EZX Libraries Free Download

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Bundle with 2 EZX Libraries free download

Toontrack’s EZdrummer 2 drum software balances outstanding drum sounds with ease of use and sonic flexibility, making it one of the most popular drum software solutions at Sweetwater. And with this EZdrummer 2 Bundle, you also get to choose two EZX expansion packs for even more awesome content. That means more drum kits, individual kit pieces, and MIDI performances played by real drummers. You can choose the expansion packs that fit your style of music, from pop and rock to blues, funk, country and beyond. For a drum software solution that you can customize to match your personal style, choose the Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Bundle.

Create stellar drum tracks fast with EZdrummer

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 builds on a decade of providing musicians, composers, and producers like you with the software you need to add realistic drums to your music. It’s three amazing tools in one: a phenomenal drum and percussion virtual instrument, an expansive library of MIDI grooves, and an environment that lets you combine these sounds and MIDI grooves to create perfect drum tracks for any style of music. Whether you’re a guitarist that needs lifelike drums for your solo recordings, or a producer that needs to be able to create a drum map for any project quickly, you can count on EZdrummer 2 drum software.

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 Bundle Features at a Glance:

  • EZdrummer 2 drum software, plus your choice of two EZX drum expansion packs
  • EZdrummer ships in box; EZX expansions available from Toontrack via download after purchase
  • Studio-style mixer lets you control the volume and panning of each instrument
  • Preset engine based on EZmix 2 lets you call up the perfect vibe for your drums
  • Onboard processing and effects include compressors, reverbs, delays, EQs, and more
  • Perfect for producers, solo musicians, and electronic drummers

    button-11(Size :3.1 GB)

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Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX Free Download

Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX free download

Add a whole new range of metal drum sounds to your sonic arsenal with the Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX expansion pack! This expansion for Superior Drummer 2 software features three full drum kits and a ton of snares and cymbals to bring you top-notch drum sounds for rock and metal production. These kits were produced and engineered by metal guru Andy Sneaps, with drums sampled by John Tempesta and a wide range of MIDI grooves played by Nick Barker. Engineers at Sweetwater agree, the Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX expansion pack puts you on the fast track to amazing metal productions.

Toontrack Metal Machinery SDX Expansion Pack Features at a Glance:

  • An amazing collection of drum sounds and MIDI performances for Toontrack Superior Drummer 2
  • Produced and engineered by Andy Sneap (Killswitch Engage, DevilDriver, Testament, Exodus)
  • Three full drum kits and an expansive selection of snares and cymbals
  • Dial in great drum sounds fast, with six kit presets customized by Andy Sneap
  • Includes a wide range of MIDI drum grooves played by Nick Barker (ex-Dimmu Borgir)

Toontrack Progressive Foundry SDX Free Download

Toontrack Progressive Foundry SDX Free Download

Toontrack’s Progressive Foundry SDX expansion pack for Superior Drummer 2.0 is one of the best bang-for-your-buck ways to expand your palette of rock and metal drum sounds. You get 63GB of unprocessed drum sounds recorded and engineered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus) at Sing Sing Recording Studios, Melbourne, Australia. We’re talking five complete kits (two of them with a snares-off option), 17 snare drums, nine kicks, and a formidable array of cymbals. Complete with a MIDI drum groove library created with professional drummers, Sweetwater recommends the Toontrack Progressive Foundry SDX expansion pack for anyone who uses Superior Drummer for aggressive music.

Toontrack Progressive Foundry SDX Expansion Pack Features at a Glance:

  • Expansion library for Superior Drummer 2.0 with 63GB of unprocessed drum sounds
  • Contains 5 complete kits, 2 of them with the option of snares on or off
  • Includes a total of 17 snare drums, 9 kicks, and a wide range of cymbals
  • Comprehensive MIDI groove library recorded by pro drummers
  • Recorded and engineered by Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus) at Sing Sing Recording Studios, Melbourne, Australia

(Size: 64 Gb)


Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2

Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2 free downloadSession Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2 Full Crack EXPAND YOUR ACOUSTIC HORIZONS: The second edition in the SESSION GUITARIST series, STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2, expands your sound palette with two carefully selected vintage acoustic guitars, an extensive library of patterns and chords, plus real-time performance control.

What’s New in Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2:

SESSION GUITARIST – STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2 includes two renowned instruments, played by skilled session pros. Choose a coveted vintage Martin 0-17 from 1934 – a small-bodied mahogany 6-string with a warm, mellow tone. Or select the full yet articulate sound of the Guild F-412 12-string – a jumbo model first produced in the late 1960s, and now a benchmark for 12-strings.

A range of real-time performance controls puts the musicality of skilled session musicians at your fingertips. Play chords from your keyboard or choose the auto-chord feature. Use key switches, the mod wheel, and the pitch wheel to quickly change rhythms, crossfade chord voicings, and add accents as you build your arrangement. Season the mix with built-in effects.

Draw from a wealth of dynamic strumming patterns with accent variations perfect for rock, folk, country, bluegrass, Latin, pop, and more. Each pattern can be played intuitively using a virtually endless number of chords in multiple positions up and down the neck. Choose from numerous song presets, customize pattern collections, and smoothly switch among those patterns as you play.


Play custom bass lines or add extra notes to chords with the new Separate Bass patterns, and spice up your playing for country, bluegrass, folk, and more.

Quickly find the strumming pattern you need by tapping or playing a rhythm on your keyboard. Filter the search results by musical attributes such as open or muted patterns.

Quickly customize your sound using versatile sound control features. Easily adjust the balance of high and low chord voicings. Add a doubled guitar part for extra width, and incorporate fret noise to enhance realism. Sculpt the sound and fine-tune each guitar’s placement in the mix with ready-to-use compression and EQ presets. Create space and depth with convolution reverb.

STRUMMED ACOUSTIC 2 was created in collaboration with drumasonic – the same award-winning sample instrument team behind the original STRUMMED ACOUSTIC. Using an array of vintage ribbon and condenser microphones plus boutique preamps, drumasonic captured every nuance of these classic acoustic instruments in perfect detail. A custom-built mounting rig and a laser-based microphone positioning system helped ensure precision and consistency for every chord and pattern.

System Requirements:  

System requirements: FREE KONTAKT 5 PLAYER or KONTAKT 5 (version 5.5.2 or higher)




Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2 mac crack



Omnisphere 2 full crack is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics – an instrument of extraordinary power and versatility. This award-winning plugin brings many different types of synthesis together into one amazing-sounding instrument that will inspire a lifetime of exploration.

New Features oF OMNISPHERE 2:

• Now includes over 12,000 inspiring sounds for all types of music production
• New Interface with Enhanced Browsing and “Zooming” into deeper synthesis levels
• Audio Import – Use your own audio file as a soundsource in Omnisphere
• Over 400 New DSP Waveforms for the Synth Oscillator
• Sound Match™ feature instantly locates any related sounds in the library
• Sound Lock™ feature gives endless variations by locking sound aspects while browsing
• New “Spotlight EDM” library with cutting-edge, modern sounds
• Powerful New Granular Synthesis algorithm for amazing transformations
• 58 incredible FX Units, which are fully integrated and can be modulated
• Creative “Psychoacoustic” sounds from the renowned Spectrasonics sound design team
• Wavetable Synthesis – Each waveform is now a Morphing Wavetable
• ORB circular motion interface allows infinitely-shifting variations
• Deeper FM/Ring Modulation capabilities for aggressive timbres
• Dual Filter architecture includes more than 28 Filter algorithms in series or parallel
• Performance-oriented Live Mode allows for seamless patch layering on the fly
• Flex-Mod™ modulation system allows powerful, modular-style matrix routing
• Stack Mode interface allows for complex patch-layering, splits, and crossfades
• New Mini-Browser available at all times plus larger Full Browser design
• Up to 10 oscillators per patch can be either DSP synth or sample-based
• Eight independent Arpeggiators with unique Groove Lock™ feature
• Polyphonic Timbre Shifting/Crushing, Waveshaping and Reduction
• Six full-featured LFOs per patch, with syncing and complex waveforms
• Eight Envelopes with both simple ADSR-style or advanced multi-breakpoint interfaces
• Easy Sound/Project Sharing for collaborators and third-party libraries
• Sample-based soundsources can be processed with synthesis features
• Includes FREE Omni TR® iPad remote app
…and much, much more!

System Requirements: 

apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
windows logo Windows Xp | Vista | 7 | 8 | 8.1 | 10 [32-bit | 64-bit]

Languages: Multilingual

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-:How To Install:-

1. Unpack and install
2. Go through Installation Guide provided in File
4. Done.