Aqua Data Studio 17

Aqua Data Studio 17

Aqua Data Studio 17 is productivity software for database developers, DBAs, and analysts. It allows you to develop, access, manage, and visually analyze data. Whether you are working with relational, nosql, or cloud databases, your data is easily and quickly accessible with Aqua Data Studio. It supports all major database vendors, works on all major operating systems, and is localized to 21 languages.

Aqua Data Studio’s Visual Analytics allows you to analyze data with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You can pull query results into worksheets to create beautiful visualizations of your data, you can create dashboards by dragging in visualizations from many worksheets and you can save and share them in workbooks with colleagues and customers allowing them to easily navigate and interact with your data.

What’s New in Version 17.0.11:

  • Bug : ADS : Cassandra: Creating a table with static columns causes ADS extraction to function incorrectly
  • Improvement : ADS : Sybase Anywhere: Implemented a workaround if Sybase driver metadata is not returning the correct server version
  • Bug : ADS : Generic JDBC: The detail tab is sometimes missing the length, precision and scale information
  • Improvement : ADS : PostgreSQL: Add support for extraction and scripting of parameter default value assignments in functions
  • Improvement : ADS : ER Modeler: Add action “Generate Script” to ER Modeler Sheet context menu which automatically selects items in sheet
  • Improvement : ADS : PostgreSQL: Convert the internal catalog table datatype names to more user friendly datatype names
  • Improvement : ADS : Charts: Chart Titles should support newlines
  • Bug : ADS : Query Analyzer – Grid Results: The ‘Maximum number of columns allowed’ setting should only be applied to Grid Results
  • Bug : ADS : SQL Server – Database Backup: Add DDL scripting and UI support for backup files under the backup device
  • Improvement : ADS : DB2 UDB: Enhance Visual Explain to display the different Table Queues
  • Improvement : ADS : FluidShell: Add “printenv” command to FluidShell
  • Bug : ADS : Query Analyzer – Aqua Commands: EDT fix for AquaCommands .setAutoCommit, .commit and .rollback to match to control Query Window
  • Bug : ADS : Query Analyzer: Schema change does not take effect after Reconnect
  • Bug : ADS : Visual Editing – Sybase IQ and Sybase Anywhere: In Create table > Constraints tab, choosing a schema with no tables throws NullPointerException
  • Bug : Visual Analytics : Ensuring that v18 vizx/vizw files can be opened in v17
  • Bug : ER modeler : If an attempt is made to import objects into an ERM from a Generic JDBC/ODBC connection, an error message is now displayed explaining “Generic connections are not currently supported”
  • Improvement : Query Analyzer – Grid Results: Grid Results Paste to Window for INSERT and UPDATE now uses configured statement separator

System Requirements: 

apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
                        Languages: Multilingual

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Aqua Data Studio 17