4D v15.3

4D v15.3

4D v15.3 Full Crack product line offers a full range of products that can be used individually as components, or together as a fully integrated, Web and Web service enabled database development solution. Every 4D product includes a cross-platform RDBMS and an integrated Web development and data publishing tool.

From the enterprise/IT world, to custom development to end-user solutions, the 4D family of tools addresses the needs of any business or organization.

What’s New in 4D v15.3:

Version 15.3:

Library Update
  • Open SSL: upgrade to version 1.0.2j
Bug Fixes
  • The event ‘On display detail’ is executed before the event ‘on load’ in a listbox.
  • LOG EVENT(Into 4D Commands Log) is not Unicode-compatible.
  • The 4D command ‘SET FIELD VALUE NULL’ does not work on UUID field.
  • The code OPEN SETTINGS WINDOW(“/Database”;True;User settings), running without authorizing user properties, brings an expected error #-10531 with a wrong error text.
  • The fields position in a label is incorrect in v15 after a database conversion.
  • Listbox footer calculation not correctly typed with SQL results: Reals are unexpectedly typed in Integer.
  • In the Property list palette from the Form editor, choosing a style-sheet in the pop-up with the keyboard may lead to a crash.
  • Right justification of a text is displayed over other field in a output form.
  • Tips remain visible even if other window of an other application is in front of 4D.
  • 4D still saves a picture as PICT when dragging and dropping a picture into a field
  • Canceling the choice of a font selected in the font picker could not work; the font is keep selected.
  • ‘LAUNCH EXTERNAL PROCESS’ doesn’t set OK to zero when the called command doesn’t exist.
  • The 4D command ‘LISTBOX GET HIERARCHY’ quits the application when the column number is equal to 0.
  • Query editor: when typing BackSpace key in ‘Find’ area, the text edit behaves inconsistently.
  • Unexpected error #404 when using component method called from 4DACTION.
  • The xml error returned by the command ‘SAX Get XML node’ contains a negative line value when the referenced node is over MAXINT value.
  • Wrong display when writing a carriage return in a hierarchical list item.
  • Unexpected empty alert may appear when loading query files.
  • In Form editor, duplicate a column and undo the action lead to a bad redraw of the listbox.
  • Impossible to drop an index of an Object type field using the “Index List” dialog in the 4D Structure editor.
  • Shortcut to stop catching events with a method doesn’t work since v14.x.
  • Checkbox “Use Legacy network layer” unchecked after conversion from v14 if using User settings
  • Japanese conversion guideline (line under the word) misplaced when method code has multiple lines.
  • Japanese underline is in wrong place when there is too much variable.
  • Drag and drop from and to the same hierarchical list item can lead to a crash.
  • After re-opening a same database without quitting 4D application, a plugin (4D Write, 4D View) can no more be available from the toolbar.
  • Some servers truncate the mime message when exporting from 4D Write Pro.
  • In Japanese localization, incorrect label in Query editor history when time criteria is “lasts exactly”.
  • The property list is not updated when creating or deleting a marker in a form.
  • 4D can quit unexpectedly when testing a new menu bar juste created.
  • Client auto-update fails if new server version has SSL activated (Network connection error).
  • In the Structure editor, editing a field can create an unexpected scroll of the table in the editor.
  • In Export dialog, 4D can quit unexpectedly when entering a value with a slash (“/”) in one of the delimiter fields.
  • Break Markers are sorted incorrectly if you have more then 1 of it.
  • Hierarchical pop-up changes value unexpectedly when a form window is opened, and then closed in the same process containing the hierarchical pop-up.
  • Double click just after the last work of a text does not select the last word.
  • Wrong vertical position for a Popup menu when using 2 screen monitors.
  • Circular log limitation ignored; on 4D Remote only.
  • Log commands list defined by SET DATABASE PARAMETER is ignored on 4D Remote.
  • The 4D Write command ‘WR SAVE DOCUMENT’ ignores “.txt” extension when saving to UTF format. Problem fixed in 4D and 4D Write.
  • Pictures are not displayed on Outlook when exporting from 4D Write.
  • The 4D command ‘Select folder’ doesn’t always scroll within the area until the folder is visible.
  • Executing the command ‘CONFIRM’ after selecting with the keyboard an item in a popup may quit 4D unexpectedly.
  • Unexpected errors (#1010, #3585) when creating a database with the Japanese version of 4D Server Mac 64-bit.
  • Wrong value in the test area preview of filters in the Toolbox dialog.
  • Using the 4D command ‘SET PRINT OPTION’, the Orientation option is not taken into account if set before the Paper option. Only in preview mode.
  • Quick report: using cross tables, the ‘Sum’ function doesn’t work correctly; values are in seconds instead of hours.
  • Problem with some fonts that don’t appear in the list of the label editor (like some printing fonts).
  • High Combobox has wrong select button size on ‘El Capitan’ Mac system. This is fixed but there is only 3 sizes for that button (limitation on Mac OS X 10.11).
  • Binding Array blob using “SQL Select Into” causes no array population and runtime error.
  • The command ‘MESSAGES OFF’ doesn’t work when called before the command ‘BUILD APPLICATION’. The progress bar is never removed.
  • The plain border colour of text input is always black.
  • Listbox: ‘OBJECT SET FONT SIZE’ applied on a listbox may not work on headers.
  • Filter names just modified in the Toolbox dialog are not saved correctly.
  • Wrong stack level in debug log when using ‘Log command list’ database parameter.
  • ‘EXPAND BLOB’ can bring up an error message when expanding a tiny blob compressed with GZIP.
  • Three state checkboxex in a listbox column don’t work as expected: the third value is never reached.
  • The 4D command ‘FORM SCREENSHOT’ returns low-resolution screenshot on Retina screen.
  • In a text variable with auto wrap, and automatic vertical scrollbar, the content is displayed over the scroll bar area.
  • Resizing splash screen at start-up may not resize the picture correctly.
  • On Mac OS X 10.11.x (El Capitan), a CANCEL button is to short for german text: need to see the word “Abbrechen” entirely.
  • Combo box items list window stays on screen if opened by left and right click together.
  • ‘HTTP GET’ with a not specified Content-Type header may return empty content.
  • A query using automatic relations through report editor can lead to a crash.
  • In certain circumstances, 2 mouse clicks, instead of 1, are needed on SAVE button (or CANCEL) in form editor to make it work.
  • Creating new SQL schema replaces existing default schema instead of been added.
  • Printed picture listbox columns have black backgrounds.
  • 4D may unexpectedly quit when logging to LDAP with a wrong password.
  • Help menu not functional when using the 4D command ‘MODIFY SELECTION’.
  • When typing Korean text in an input field, last char is cut off.
  • Text area scrollbars redraw problems when moving a splitter over it.
  • Wrong appearence of menus (Bold menu text, menu separator line, …) when creating by programming.
  • In the explorer, methods in a folder can unexpectedly move to an other folder when clicking quickly between folders.
  • Invisible cursor in a listbox cell because of a Popup window.
  • ‘SET QUERY DESTINATION’ can lead to a crash in the Client-Server mode.
  • Wrong graph drawn by the command “GRAPH” when value(s) used is 0.
  • Records open slowly if large text is saved in a field.
  • 4D may crash on quitting the application if ‘On exit’ database method gets too much time to run.
  • Setting Web inactive process timeout using command WEB SET OPTION has no effect.
  • The “Random” 4D command produces same serie after restart on Mac.
  • Problems of copy/paste between multi-styled text area and simple text area.
  • The server computer name is badly displayed in the connection dialog if it contains Japanese characters.
  • 4D always re-generates the “Index.html” file after restarting the web server.
  • Some OTF fonts are cut off at the top in 4D Write Pro.
  • Impossible to change a listbox column font to the %Password.
  • Auto update fails because timeout is too short.
  • Incorrect Multipart/Form-data causes web server run in an infinite loop.
  • Impossible to select several listbox headers at a time, whereas is is possible for columns (multiple selection).
  • Potential crash with system dialogs (for instance ‘PRINT SETTINGS’) used through a TeamViewer session.
  • 4D command ‘Mod’ can return a wrong number if the value passed to the command is close to the maximum limit of the digits available.
  • The 4D command “ST Get plain text” can crash if running in a process without opening a form.
  • ‘LISTBOX SELECT BREAK’ not correctly executed if run in the same method that creates and populates a hierarchical listbox.
  • In the form editor, CTRL + ‘Mouse click’ does not remove form markers.
  • Creating a view with ‘SQL Execute’ can lead to a crash.
  • DOM Count XML element is not case-sensitive.
  • ‘LISTBOX SELECT ROW’ could not work when executed within a method launched from the object method of the hierarchical listbox.
  • Japanese text shifts vertically in multi-styled listbox cell.
  • Cannot remove composite index containing a primary key or a field of unique type anymore.
  • This code, OPEN SETTINGS WINDOW(“/Database”;True;User settings), with “Enable User Setting in External File” unchecked lead 4D to quit unexpectedly.
  • Bad date format while entering a value when query operator is “Starts from” or “Is after”.
  • Quick Left to Right click causes ‘On Double Click’ event.
  • Due to a syntax error while compiling, Japanese variables are wrongly displayed.
  • The command “Dec” can return a wrong value.
  • Unverified Japanese text in IME gets verified when switching application. This is fixed on Mac platform but not on Windows platform as it is the wanted behaviour.
  • The access to Hunspell dictionary thanks to the line “SET DATABASE PARAMETER(Spellchecker;1)” could lead to a crash if the path of the application (and so for the Hunspell) contains a diacritical characters.
  • After clicking CANCEL button in the 4D Server shutdown window, client connections (current and new) are rejected.
  • Possible freeze using a Hierarchical drop down placed in an input form of a subform.
  • Instability when loading with 4D Write Pro commands a 4D Write document (.4W7) that contains expression.
  • Same array used in several columns prevents to sort a listbox correctly.
  • In very heavy condition (loads of records created by several processes), during the ‘New Log File’ execution, some actions could not be integrated correctly in the new log file.
  • The too strong mouse click sensitivity prevents to move properly objects in form editor.
  • 4D may unexpectedly quit when switching several times between the same window opened twice in 2 different processes. In compiled mode only.
  • The 4D command ‘IMPORT TEXT’ is very slow.
  • Printing can not be correct when “Print Variable Frame” is selected on a field, because of a wrong calculation of object position by 4D.
  • Type ahead in combo boxes is broken.
  • Headers/titles in Quick report get overlapped when using cross tables.
  • Auto Updater Error Log shows inaccurate error message: there is an unexpected ‘Invalid Parameter’ error (For instance: [xbox] ERROR – [661] Invalid Parameter)
  • Picture field with ‘Stored outside data file’ property can not be load or created within a transaction.
  • If a first record has moved after sorting a listbox selection, modifying the new first record modifies the previous first record.
  • Impossible to set the cursor at the end of a field with the mouse when the text ends with a space char. Also, Space characters just entered are displayed wrongly.
  • ‘Get last query plan’ and ‘Get last query path’ always return the info of the first query run after activating with ‘DESCRIBE QUERY EXECUTION (true)’
  • Text color becomes white for selected items in a non focused listbox.
  • If applying a format for a report, it is done on the header instead on the value if the destination is an HTML file.
  • The menu “Help:4D SVG” doesn’t work when a window called by MODIFY SELECTION is in the front.
  • Forms of a type ‘List form for printing’ created with the Form wizard are corrupted (warnings about non unique object from the MSC).
  • It is not possible anymore to catch a right-click on a radio button, whereas it works with a checkbox button or a simple button.
  • Text areas are too small in Structure inspector for Japanese system localization.
  • Quick report: Wrong Date display format in a sub-total area of a report.
  • Quick report leaves a ghost window after using the Open dialog.
  • Wrong error message if creating a new form with an already existing name.
  • Web service assistant create deprecated code : ‘_o_C_STRING’ appears instead of ‘C_TEXT’
  • Moving a form between two opened structure can generate incorrect script associations for several objects.
  • Quick report leaves phantom window after using save dialog (TXT or HTML file export)
  • In some case the print preview is not displayed on Windows 10 (1607)
  • The 4D Pack command ‘AP FULL SCREEN’ can not work properly in ‘engined’ mode (built application).
  • When scrolling up and down a 4D view area using a trackpad on OS X, the area barely follows scroll swipes.
  • 4D View ‘Advanced Properties’ not visible in Properties Palette. The fix is in 4D and 4D View.
  • Cursor disappears while writing in 4D Write.
  • The 4D Write command ‘WR PRINT’ no longer able to overwrite a document (for instance ‘PDF’) since v15.
  • Bad display/redraw of 4D Write are with Retina screen.
  • 4D Write spellchecking is very slow.
  • The “Save” menu command displays the standard Save File dialog even if the document already exists on disk.
  • The 4D Write command “WR Get on error method” can randomly damaged the memory and lead the application to quit unexpectedly.
  • Because of a web area in a form page, it can prevent to enter text in a 4D Write area in another page.

System Requirements: 

apple-logo Mac OS X 10.7 | 10.8 |  10.9 | 10.10 | 10.11 | macOS Sierra
                        Languages: Multilingual

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